Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Modern Ballet Video

Dear Girls,

I've got a lovely ballet video to share with all of you! Look and see which are the steps you have learnt in your ballet class. :)

~Ms Lovell

Thursday, August 28, 2008

How to tie a ballet bun

Dear girls and mums,

Now you do not have any excuses that you don't know how to tie a bun! Please watch the video and practise at home. Use a hair net if necessary.

~ Ms Lovell

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Examination Attire for Pre Ballet Girls

Dear Parents,
I understand that this is your little girl's first ballet examination. Do not be stressed or unduly worried. They will all do well if they work hard! Examiners are very nice people and are especially nice to little girls. So don't worry!
Just wanted to clarify regarding the required attire for their examinations. It will be pink leotard, pink skirt, long pink tights and leather ballet shoes. See picture below.

Credits: Little Yee Lei, Ystelle & Amanda from Crestar Jurong East

You may place orders for those items that you do not have with me. See "Online Ballet Shop".


Online Ballet Shop

How to order:

1) Please email your orders (stating the item, size and quantity) to
2) I will reply with the total order cost (including postage) and the details for payment.
3) In stock items will be posted to you with 1 week.

Items are as follows:
1) Bloch Ballet Tights

Price: $15.00
Sizes available:
8 (for height up to 1.43m)
10 (for height 1.44m and above)

2) Bloch Ballet Shoes

Price: $26.00
All sizes available. Please quote your daughter's old shoe size when ordering.

3) Ballet Belt (pink)
Price: $3.00

4) Pink short sleeve ballet leotard
Price: $25.00

5) Pink ballet skirt
Price: $18.00

Please place your orders with me in class or through

~Lovell Chia

Sunday, August 24, 2008

5 Basic Position of Arms

Here's a video for the little ones to introduce them to the 5 most basic position of the arms.

Special thanks to my little model: Glenda Tan of Crestar Jurong East

Friday, August 22, 2008

2 Most Common Posture Mistakes in Class

Dear girls,

I have seen so many of these 2 mistakes happening in class. Take a close look at yourself in the mirror and see whether you have such a problem. Also, I would most likely have told you in class about it and the correction method.

Correct these mistake (if you have them) is vital for you future training and will benefit you greatly in future grades if you do not have such body posture. These mistake CAN be corrected with consistant effort and constant reminder.

In this post, I will teach you how to correct them. This is especially for girls who have not been paying attention in my classes.

Mistake #1 - Knocked Knees

Knocked knees is a condition whereby the inner legs are relatively longer than the outer legs. If you have knocked knees you will find it extremely difficult to stand in 1st position with your heels touching. So in order to stand with fully stretched knees you will end up standing with one knee in front of the other. (see picture "knocked knees).

This is WRONG and will cause more serious damage to your growing legs. Therefore you will need to correct yourself by standing with the knees touching side by side. In doing so, you will notice a little gap in between your heels. This is acceptable. Do not worry about that. (see picture "corrected")

Mistake #2 - Swayed / ached back

Swayed back is a condition whereby you will find your tummy protuding out from you waist and your hips "sticking" out. I always call that position a "Donald Duck" position in class.

Credits: Yeo Rei of Crestar Hougang

Look at the picture "swayed/arched back". When you stand like this in class, you are not strengthening your tummy muscles and hence will not improve in your ballet. This posture will hinder you in future grades will you learn turns and when you start wearing your pointe shoes.

You have to correct it by pushing the tummy backwards, thinking of your belly-button touching your spine. Drop your hips down so that they are in line with you legs and not protuding out.

After you think about all these, you will be able to stand just like the girl in the "corrected" picture. Remember: tummys IN, chest slightly forward and in line with your toes, shoulders down and hips in line with the legs.

~ Ms Lovell

Progression of the CSTD syllabus

Here's the progression and estimated age of the CSTD syllabus. Age will greatly depend on the age that you started your ballet and also your ability and hardwork.

CSTD syllabus focus on development of enjoyment of dance and is a performance based dance syllabus with a lot of emphasis on the solid knowledge of ballet vocabulary. Ballet vocabulary will be tested in the examinations from grade 1 onwards.

With a strong knowledge of ballet vocabulary and excellent footwork, you will be strongly equiped to further your dance career as a dancer or teacher. Even if you do not wish to be a dancer or teacher, you will have gained in depth knowledge of ballet, poised and displicine.

Children's Syllabus
Pre Grades
- Pre Ballet (4-6 years)
- Primary (5-7 years)

Lower Grades
- Grade 1 (7-8 years)
- Grade 2 (8-9 years)
- Grade 3 (9-10 years)

Upper grades
- Grade 4 (10-11 years)
- Grade 5 (11-12 years)
- Grade 6 (11- 13 years)

Majors Syllabus (must have grade 6 to proceed to this level)
- Sub Elementary
- Elementary (can go for teacher's certificate exam after you have passed elementary)
- Intermediate (can go for teacher's diploma exam after you have passed intermediate)

The correct way to hold your skirts

Dear girls and parents,

Many times I realise that little ones hold their skirts wrongly. This can affect the posture as well as the aesthetic line of the little dancer.

The correct way to hold the skirt is as above.
- The skirts forms a semi - circle from right waist to left waist.
- Arms are fully stretched.
- Wrists are relaxed.

~ Lovell